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Collaborative Evaluations is a highly comprehensive and easy-to-follow book for those evaluators who want to engage and succeed in collaborative evaluations. The author presents the Model for Collaborative Evaluations (MCE) with its six major components: (1) identify the situation, (2) clarify the expectations, (3) establish a shared commitment, (4) ensure open communication, (5) encourage best practices, and (6) follow specific guidelines. In clear and simple language, the author outlines key concepts and methods to help master the mechanics of collaborative evaluations.

Each section deals with fundamental factors inside each of the six collaborative evaluation components. In addition, each section provides practical tips for “real-life” applications and step-by-step suggestions or guidelines on how to apply this information. The MCE has emerged from a wide range of collaboration efforts that the author has conducted in the private sector, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education. The author shares her experience and insights regarding this subject in a precise and easy-to-understand fashion, so that the reader can use the information learned from this book immediately.

"Collaborative Evaluations is a very clear, precise, step-by-step guide to successful evaluation. This addition to the field of evaluation will aid the novice and the experienced evaluator for years to come. The visual aids provided in the book further expanded the learning experience. The book is easy and enjoyable reading. It provides an excellent guide to learning for the professional evaluator, and is a dependable guide for the student evaluator. I would like to see this book used as course text in classes on the science of evaluation."
-Carol Amos, Borgess Hospital

"Collaborative Evaluations: A step-by-step model for the evaluator, contains very well organized suggestions and clear instructions in evaluating methods for the learner. The summary of each section is of great help. For beginning evaluators the figures and tables are very helpful to understand the model analyzed in the book. Lexical words, terminology and definitions used are concise and to the point."
-Fatima Ayyad, Ministry of Education Jerusalem

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